Our Services

Child Protection

We are child protection experts and offer high quality legal representation.

If you are the parent, grandparent or guardian of a child that is subject to an application by the Department of Human Services, you need expert and specialist legal representation.

We are fearless and compassionate advocates and will assist you obtain the best possible outcome.

We are on the exclusive Legal Aid panels for both child protection and intervention orders, and, subject to meeting eligibility criteria, we can obtain a grant of legal aid to appear on your behalf.

We have particular expertise in child protection matters involving First Nations families.

Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offence can not only be a stressful experience, but it may lead to significant consequences for your future. It is vital that you obtain the best possible legal representation.

We are very experienced criminal lawyers and have assisted hundreds of clients in their criminal matters to fight charges and get the best possible outcome.

We have particular specialist expertise in representing children with criminal mattters in the Children’s Court.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, or believe that you might be, please contact our office to discuss your matter as soon as possible.

We offer set legal fees, and if you meet the eligibility criteria for Legal Aid, we will obtain a grant of assistance on your behalf to represent you.

We are extremely grateful to have had the support of your whole office. I am certain we would not have achieved anything close to where we ended up without your pro-activeness and ability to negotiate with the department.

— Catherine

Image is used with permission of the Victorian Bar.